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How to organize a trader’s workplace in a small space?

How to organize a trader’s workplace in a small space?

For successful trading on the exchange, it is important not only to know the market and a refined strategy, but also a comfortable workplace for the trader. It would seem, what a trifle – a workplace! But could you successfully trade, if you have a child screaming over your ear, you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair, everything is blurry on the monitor, the wife thunders with pans and tempts with the smell of your favorite dishes? I doubt it.

Yes, to work effectively a trader needs a separate workplace. Ideally – a study. And if you live in a one-room apartment? Some trader are renting an office for trading. And what if you can not afford it? Refuse to trade at all ?! Agree, this is not serious. Will you give up financial freedom and independence only because you have nowhere to work?

The solution is to organize your workplace correctly, even in a small space. It’s real. It’s possible. You have all the resources for it. The main desire.

What should be in the workplace of the trader?

Personal Computer

It’s better if it’s a system unit, not a laptop. You can connect several monitors to it, it has more power. In fact, simultaneously opening of 3 different trading terminals takes almost 1 GB of RAM. The system unit must have a large video card, a powerful processor and a motherboard.


The optimal size is 24 “and the high expansion is full hd. Recommend to use several monitors, but for now, we will stop on one.

the Internet

It is better to use two types of connection – wired and wireless. The provider must be reliable, the Internet speed is high. Always keep technical support contacts at hand, in the event of a failure in the connection or its absence.

Phone, notebook and pen

The phone is necessary for communication with the broker, Internet provider, and also to monitor the market away from the monitor. Notebook and pen may be needed if you need to make notes during the trade, when doing housekeeping.


It is desirable, but not necessary. You can print important charts and transactions, make notes and analysis, scan them and save them to your computer.


No pirated programs. Licensed software with a powerful antivirus.


If you spend for trading for 8 hours a day, then the chair should be anatomical. It helps relieve muscle tension in the back, relieves fatigue. There are even special chairs with a massage effect, but this is for especially advanced or with chronic back problems. If you trade less than 4 hours a day, then quite comfortable office chair.

Uninterruptible power supply

This is your insurer in case of a voltage drop or a sudden outage. It will give you the opportunity to safely exit the position and protect your equipment from burning.

This all needs to be placed in a well-ventilated, lighted room, with a comfortable temperature. Below are the options for placing the trader’s workplace.

Option 1. A small room

This variant of the room – if you live with your parents, rent a house with a friend.

Option 2. One-room apartment (you live alone)

Separate work area

On the balcony

Under the bed:)

Option 3. One-room apartment (you have a family)

On the balcony (balcony is closed)

Working cabinet



As you can see, it is possible to organize a workspace for effective trade simply and functionally, without additional large financial costs. Turn the fantasy on and on!

Your successful trade will allow you to expand and improve the workplace – from buying furniture and equipment to buying two or three-room apartments.

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