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Intraday Trading: A beginner’s Guide to Stock Market

Are you new to the stock market and probably wondering what intraday trading means? Well I come bearing good news. Intraday trading isn’t as difficult to understand and invest in as most beginners think. Intraday trading simply means buying and selling of stock in the very same day during the trading hours that are stipulated by the exchange. Stocks are bought and sold in large quantities strategically with the intention of booking profits in a day.

Auto Forex Trading

Trading in the Forex currency market can be either manual or fully automatic. The possibility of automatic trading appeared relatively recently, with the development of the well-known trading platform Meta Trader 4, and in particular with the development of the Mql4 programming language.

How to chose signal provider in the AutoTrade System

The basic principle of technical analysis is that prices move in trends. We also know that trends do not exist forever. Ultimately, prices change direction, and, as a rule, this happens in stages. For example, the price can slow down its movement, stop at one level and only then turn around. These phases arise at a time when investors are creating new expectations and thereby shifting the supply / demand line.

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