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Mult Symbol Multi Time Frame System Mt 4

Multi Symbols - Multi Time Frame Dashboard Trading


A multi-utility dashboard which works with full customization, of signal settings and graphical interface. It will automatically open the charts on which the latest signals come.

Many types of sorting methods for the scanner.

A robust algorithm for the signals.


Take the trades as per the trend, all levels provided- ENTRY, 3 TARGETS, STOP LOSS ( ALL CUSTOMIZABLE)


EA for this dashboard trading is also available.

NOTE: The dashboard column “CurOrders” will show “NoOrders” as it will work using the EA 

This is a unique dashboard for 

trading selected single or multiple currency pairs.

Its convenient as one chart does all the work.

No need to load and watch many charts.

Just based on multi-time frame analysis – keep trading, high probability trades.

Its a professional tool for professional traders who can reduce decision-making time using the system.


The reversal signals or trades will also show on the same chart, so it will help to reverse positions immediately.

Creating your own trading strategy is always connected with finding the most optimal instruments and conditions for doing business. It is not necessary to dwell in detail on the choice of the broker, the methods of managing the deposit and other basic principles. Today we will analyze such an important detail of the trading strategy as time. The time factor has a significant impact on the success of the analysis and, accordingly, of trading. And when completing a trading system, it is very important to choose such a time parameter that will make it possible to feel comfortable in the process of trading. The choice of the time period is influenced by both the character of the trader and his features in making decisions and the state of the deposit. All this must be taken into account in order to subsequently thoroughly decide what type of trading will be preferable – scalping, long-term trading or intraday.

The state of the deposit.

If you clearly see yourself exclusively in the role of a successful scalper, then worry about the shortcomings of funds on the deposit is not worth it. Of course, if it is a question of profitable trading, that in the practice of scalping is not so common.

Trading on small time intervals allows you to have a good income even with a minimum deposit. But if you put an eye on long-term trading with the same amount of money, in this case the results are most likely not to be seen. We must not forget that when trading in timeframes from 4 hours and above corrective waves can have such a rollback, which can be sustained only if there are large funds on the account. And this despite the fact that no more than thirty percent of their total number will participate in the trade. Thus, the state of the account fully regulates the choice of the trading time scale.

Analytical forecast

The success of trading, of course, is influenced by the quality of analytics. But not only this plays a decisive role in choosing a trading interval. Since there are two basic types of trend analysis, it is necessary to proceed from here. The data of the fundamental analysis have actual justification, which are based on knowledge of economics and financial sciences. Carrying out such an analysis can be quite accurate, but it may take much longer than in other cases. Naturally, in this case, one should not even think about intraday trading. But long-term deals for a few weeks or months will be accurately predicted and will bring a considerable profit.

As for technical analysis, here the prospects for choosing a timeframe are wider. But the accuracy of analytics in this case is not always correct. Literally in all time intervals, you can use wave analysis, technical indicators or graphical tools with equal success. The universality of this method of analytics from the point of view of the time factor is very promising. But it all depends on the quality of use and the ability to apply technical analysis.

Psychology of the trader

The psychological aspect of trading is one of the most important components of a successful trade. And if there are doubts about his calmness, then, the ability to restrain emotions, then we say directly – in such cases, short-term intervals are contraindicated.

Argumented by a constant nervous tension. And from here – both fatigue and disturbances of a dream and a pathology in all organism. Choosing the right timeframe for trading in the forex market is better based on their own qualities of character. For a long-term trade, discernment, attention, and a tendency toward analytics are characteristic. In the case of intraday trading, you need to have a balance, rationality, impartiality and absolute calm. It is also good to have intuitive thinking and an excellent reaction.

Profitability of trading

Profitable trading is possible on all time scales, but the result is achieved in various ways. For example, you can fetch 30 items a day on short-term intervals for 10 working days. That is, two weeks, including weekends, it is necessary to conduct stable work, and daily, with the analysis and calculations of the deposit. In the end, let’s take at least 300 points of the purest profit. However, you can take the same amount of profit and with a one-time investment in analytics and making deals in the daily charts. But financial risks play an important role here. Concluding at least 10 transactions per week, the probability of failure deals increases. On the analysis of one transaction will take less time, but the profit will be the same when trading in large timeframes. Although in this case there will be enough and one error.

Therefore, judging the profitability of the time range of the trading range is not necessary – it all depends on the frequency of transactions, the volume of the currency being traded and the success of the analysis.

Well, it seems, and all the arguments that need to be taken into account when choosing the scale of the trading time interval. Combining all of them and analyzing the reality of their situation, in due course the most convenient timeframe for successful trading will be selected.


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