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The best trading platform for intra-day trading software’s- most accurate buy-sell signal strategies on MT4 platform.

The field of technical analysis is very vast and the use of technical analysis is a boon for doing intraday trading for long term positioning trading. There are numerous indicators and strategies that can be applied to doing intraday trading. For running effective strategies as a intraday trading software to generate auto buy sell signals or to do manual or fully automatic trading there needs to be a agile and robust trading platform.

The MT4 trading platform offers all these benefits. The mother of all technical analysis strategies which are being used extensively are based on this platform. The platform has diverse number of tools that almost all technical analysis intraday strategies can be coded and run using the MT4 trading platform. Meta Trader 4 is thus, one of the most innovative and powerful technical analysis software platforms. The forex traders are mostly using it.

It outperforms and stands out from the competition by far by any means. On an average machine, Meta Trader 4 technical analysis software can provide real time feeds to over ten thousand traders with ease which is impossible for any Indian software to match up.The back testing feature enables a trader to test the strategy in exactly the same way as real time trades would happen based on past historic data. MT4, one of the most popular technical analysis software in the world has 50 + indicators built into the tools and the option of loading customized strategies on to it.

We have developed the most accurate and robust strategies which have been well back tested using the in-built back testing feature for expert advisors. We have a team of experts for programming of strategies using the MQL ( Meta Quotes Language) thus enabling us to create effective buy sell generating systems.

We also provide the real time data feed for all segments like NSE( National stock exchange), NSE scripts- CASH, FNO, COMMODITY (MCX), NCDEX, CURRENCIES(NSE). The data feed is highly accurate on real time without any lag or delay. We are equipped with some strategies which work well as a automated trading system on forex as well as other segments like FNO and MCX commodities. This automation saves the traders from impulsive trading enabling him stress free and emotion free trading.

MT4 Strategies

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