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WD Gann Was an Astrologer

Do you know that legendary dealer W.D. Gann was an astrologer?

In 1914, he was a member of The Astrological Society, Inc N.Y. with Sepharial, George Llewellyn, Frank C Higgins and had associations with Edward Johndro, Luther Jensen and CC Zain. Gann additionally printed a listing of really useful books he had on the market – subjects included Numerology, Astrology, the Tarot and different esoteric titles such because the Oracles of Nostradamus. In his coded novel The Tunnel Through the Air he wrote about mediums, clairvoyants and even Atlantis! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes and The Misplaced World, can also be talked about, as he was a outstanding researcher of Spiritualism within the 1920’s, touring the world investigating reviews of supernatural spirit phenomena.

Do you discover it incredulous and laborious to fathom like most merchants I meet?

Newspaper articles within the 1920’s known as W.D. Gann a prophet and a mathematical seer. “Mr Gann has made noteworthy prognostications of the markets which proved to be true in the midst of time. His calculations are based mostly on Letters, Numbers and Astrology.” Journal of Commerce, 1921.

“Mr Gann will get calls on daily basis from women and men outstanding in all walks of life asking him to solid their horoscope. He tells politicians whether or not or not they are going to be elected and solves different issues for clergymen, bankers and statesmen.” The Night Telegram 1923.

He additionally solid horoscopes for commodities, one instance is his horoscope for Espresso.

Within the foreword of The Tunnel Through the Air (TTTA), Gann tells you it incorporates a mysterious and useful secret, clothed in veiled language. What might this be? I’ve discovered, like many others that the examine of Gann not solely teaches you easy methods to Grasp the Markets, it opens your thoughts to the Metaphysical legal guidelines past our odd notion like his Legislation of Vibration and hidden secrets and techniques in Sacred Geometry.

In his later years, we all know from some personal letters, Gann did disclose his astrological strategies to a choose few of his personal college students, particularly on buying and selling commodities like Soy Beans, Cotton and Espresso. Astrological symbols are scattered on lots of Gann’s buying and selling charts and workings. Gann additionally constructed his personal graphic ephemeris to hint planetary motion alongside the zodiac, which he known as The Path of Planets. Amazingly, he used planetary longitude and features to present him value ranges!

It has been stated that to actually perceive the secrets and techniques and symbolism in TTTA you needn’t solely to be an astrologer but additionally a excessive diploma Mason like Gann. On this regard, my analysis reveals that Masonic rituals stem from historical Egypt and the Temples of Initiation. We all know that Pythagoras was initiated into the Egyptian mysteries and taught the secrets and techniques by the Excessive Monks. Gann made journeys to each Egypt and India searching for historical texts the place he discovered the Sq. of 9, an historical system of each Time and Quantity additionally known as The Pythagorean Dice and the muse of historical Numerology.

Why did W.D. Gann name the Holy Bible the BOOK of all books?

From TTTA Pg. 172 ” Robert was an awesome believer in Astrology as a result of he had discovered this nice science referred to so many instances within the Holy Bible. He had made notes as he learn the Bible at completely different instances the place it referred to Astrology or the indicators within the heavens and was totally satisfied that the affect of the heavenly our bodies govern our lives.”

Pg 175. “Robert knew that the Bible was replete with references that the heavens dominated. He had learn the place it stated: ‘Discern the tip from the start, the place Jesus stated, “I’ll choose you within the place of your nativity.”

“Each motion out there is the results of a pure regulation and of a trigger which exists lengthy earlier than the impact takes place and may be decided years upfront. The Future is however a repetition of the previous, because the Bible plainly states: The factor that hath been, it’s that which shall be; and that which is completed, is that which shall be finished, and there’s no new factor beneath the solar.” Eccl.1.9.

Due to this fact, if you happen to’ve all the time needed to discover the esoteric facet of W.D. Gann and never identified the place to start out, Astrology for Gann Merchants affords a singular gateway to set you on the trail of understanding. Astrology is a science of prophetic common legal guidelines. As you possibly can see, Gann known as it the best science nevertheless it will possibly take a few years to know and apply.

My intention is to immerse you within the Sacred Science of Astrology so to discern the longer term and prosper with foreknowledge. Acquire the insights and strategies used not solely by Gann, but additionally these of different Monetary Astrologers like Sepharial, Luther Jensen and George Bayer.

It’s usually stated that Data is energy, nevertheless, I really imagine that Foreknowledge is empowerment.

In The Tunnel Through the Air on web page 78, Gann wrote,” IT IS NOT MY AIM TO EXPLAIN THE CAUSE OF CYCLES. Most of the people shouldn’t be but prepared for it and doubtless wouldn’t perceive or imagine it if I defined it.”

That was 83 years in the past, nearly a Uranus cycle and time for change and awakening – are you prepared NOW!

Source by Olga Morales

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