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Trading on the stock exchange is easy!”

We bring to your attention a selection of articles “

Do you have any idea what a stock is? And the bond? How does the exchange trade differ from a bank deposit? How is it profitable to buy and sell securities with profit? How successful is the game on the exchange through the Internet? Can you tell the difference between a discount and a coupon bond? How to make money on the exchange, only carefully reading the exchange news? Do you know how the most well-known financiers were able to reach the heights of success? Is it possible to independently calculate stock indexes? 
How easy is it to calculate taxes?

Do not rush to answer! Many beginning traders believe that they know how to play on the stock exchange without any preparation. But after a while excessive self-confidence leads to the first setbacks. The trader believes that in his failures, the company that issued shares, a stock exchange or a broker is to blame. In fact, he lacks basic, basic knowledge of the market.

Is it possible to subdue stock exchanges without knowing what is a gap, what is the margin, or how does the stock exchange function? Agree – this is rather unlikely. Therefore, it is so important to get the necessary knowledge before active trading begins. Read a small selection of articles that tell you about the most basic concepts of trading, and you will understand how the market works and how you can make money on it.

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