we offer a varity of stock relaed services. we offer a varity of stock relaed services.we offer a varity of stock relaed services.

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“The best traders have developed an edge…and more importantly, they trust their edge.” A high probability of success. Enter and exit trades without conflict or stress. Trade decisions dictated by price action, not by my preconceived beliefs and opinions.

Does it yield more winners than losers?

The stock trading, day trading software is based on the below principles, which makes the TRADING EXPERIENCE ………. EASY

What is E.A.S.Y.?

E =Effective           A =Accurate                   S =Simple                  Y =Yield

Yields a higher ratio of winning trades versus losing traders. It’s a numbers game The Day trading method looks for…..

E.A.S.Y.         Market Conditions……       Price action         Momentum                 Strength

Trading lessons

Stock trading is a minefield. It is fast, competitive, volatile, dynamic and speculative. Stock market trading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially the traders who have very little risk appetite. Out of all the traders trading in the stock market, more than 90 percent make losses while the rest of the ten percent are the market gainers. To be a part of the other 10 percent of the traders, one needs to consider the following trading lessons:

1. Traders should be intuitive.

Our mind isn’t enough to make certain decisions. There are times when a situation arises in the stock market where the trader needs to listen to his intuition and gut feeling instead of going with what his brain is telling him.

2. Every trader must have his trading system which is unique to his needs and requirements as well as his trading psychology. The trading system should be simple to use and should work efficiently and effectively.

3. Once a system has been selected to trade with, the trader should make sure that he or she follows it to the letter. Due to the volatility of the market, it becomes difficult to follow the same trading strategies for different market situations. The trader should be mature enough to understand when such a situation occurs and how to make his trading system flexible without making too many changes to his basic strategy.

4. The risk-reward ratio should be calculated by the traders to enable them to make decisions entailing lower risk exposure. Successful traders hate to lose and try all the possible way to minimize their losses whenever they can

For successful trading, one cannot fear failure and monetary losses. No formula has been established using which no monetary losses would arise. If you fear failure, you would never take chances. Truth of the matter is that every trade you enter is a chance that you are taking. It can either go in your favor or not. Traders should have the courage to make mistakes, identify the mistake, learn from it and never make that mistake again.

6. Money management and risk management techniques must be mastered by the traders to do successful trading. It is important to use targets, trailing stop loss and stop loss with every trade to be in control of the money invested so that you can cut losses or maximize profits whenever the need be.

7. Perseverance and steady efforts are the need of the hour. All traders should be internally motivated to succeed even when the market doesn’t look too good. There is a saying – ‘We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails’. What this means is that traders cannot control the stock market’s direction but can always adjust their trading strategies and tactics to make the most of what they have got.

8. Emotional detachment is one thing which is extremely difficult to accomplish but whoever does accomplish this is highly successful in trading. Such traders don’t give in to rumors and mere hearsay. They believe in facts, figures and calculations to make informed decisions. Secondly, they do not believe in the herd mentality i.e. they do not follow the crowd. Human emotions are the downfall of majority of traders.

There are many trading lessons such as discipline, personal strengths & weaknesses, diversification of stock portfolio etc that would help people become successful traders. It is very subjective and everyone feels differently about it. Thus, the best advice is to be true to yourself and your goals, targets and trade according to the rules that suit you best.

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