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The Robo will take Automatic Buy and Sell Entries along with the best suited Exits at the market Tops and Bottoms. This is highly efficient way of closing the trades in profits .The Human mind is incapable of judging the proper entries and exits like this.

Trading is not hard if proper tools and software are used efficiently. Traders especially who enter in trading recently have to take care of a lot of aspects that directly influence their dealing. In order to make right decision at right time, traders have to use certain famous and useful trading software such as, robot trading software for Indian market. Indian traders must use robot trading software for Indian market to analyze current trading market variations. Robot trading software for Indian market is one that keeps traders aware of best moments to make a quick deal either to buy or sell. This is really handy to use and brings several benefits in trading if being used professionally.

This article discusses issues related to the use of automated trading systems (MTS, also a trading robot) in stock markets.

A generalized characteristic is given for the types of software (software) used for trading. The authors also consider the role of such software in the economy. The study of this article will explain many situations related to the use of trading robots. 

Trading robots in the stock markets, which were not a rare phenomenon at the end of the last century, have become so familiar in the present tense that it is difficult to imagine both stock markets and other economic spheres without them. 

A trading robot is a computer program that is able to independently track data on several indexes on stock exchanges and on their basis to make purchase or sale transactions. 

Examples of software. All trading robots (tr) are unique because their development depends on both the personal wishes of the client and the developer’s personality. 

But despite this, all TRs can be divided into 2 large groups:

Program advisers. This is a special software that analyzes the market according to one or another popular strategy and gives the trader a signal for It is able to independently track data on several indexes on stock exchanges and on their basis to execute purchase or sale transactions.

This is a special software that analyzes the market according to one or another popular strategy and gives the trader a signal for 2deal. 

These programs are the most in demand because they are easy to use and give a quick result. 

The main advantage is that the robot, analyzing a large amount of information in a short period of time, leaves the choice of independent decision-making for the person. 

The names of the popular software: Metatrader, Equilibrium, Silent Ilan. 

Highly technological integrated programs with full risk management. 

This software, in which the embedded algorithms of transactions allow based on the analysis of market data to automatically make market transactions, without the direct involvement of the trader. 

For example, robots with a scalping strategy (robots-scalpers) are aimed at obtaining a large profit in a relatively short time (high-frequency trading (hft)). 

So they can make about 1000% per annum. Respectively, With the increase in profitability, the risk also increases. 

The names of the popular software: QuikFan, SuperADX, Autopilot, Bunny (NYSE). 

Theory 1. Robots speculate in prices and cause economic crises. Speculation is the receipt of high income due to high risk, including scalping. Often trading robots buy “speculators”. 

The trading robot acts according to the algorithms embedded in it. Following the strategy of speculation, the robot will buy cheaper and sell more expensive, or vice versa. 

An example of a negative economic wobble can serve as a Flash-crash. So called the collapse of the US stock market on May 6, 2010. Then for a few minutes, the Dow Jones index unexpectedly for most traders fell by 1000 points (9%), but then immediately regained its position. 

The reason is only known that at the beginning, the mutual fund began to sell a large number of contracts E-Mini S

Profitability of trading

Profitable trading is possible on all time scales, but the result is achieved in various ways. For example, you can fetch 30 items a day on short-term intervals for 10 working days. That is, two weeks, including weekends, it is necessary to conduct stable work, and daily, with the analysis and calculations of the deposit. In the end, let’s take at least 300 points of the purest profit. However, you can take the same amount of profit and with a one-time investment in analytics and making deals in the daily charts. But financial risks play an important role here. Concluding at least 10 transactions per week, the probability of failure deals increases. On the analysis of one transaction will take less time, but the profit will be the same when trading in large timeframes. Although in this case there will be enough and one error.

Therefore, judging the profitability of the time range of the trading range is not necessary – it all depends on the frequency of transactions, the volume of the currency being traded and the success of the analysis.

Well, it seems, and all the arguments that need to be taken into account when choosing the scale of the trading time interval. Combining all of them and analyzing the reality of their situation, in due course the most convenient timeframe for successful trading will be selected.

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