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Punjab Cabinet approves ordinance ensuring RDF be spent on mandis-related infra in rural areas

The Punjab Cupboard accredited an ordinance on Wednesday to make sure that the state’s rural growth fund (RDF) be used solely on amenities associated to mandis in rural areas. The fund is collected on foodgrain purchases, as per PTI reported.

The Punjab Rural Improvement (Modification) Ordinance, 2022 was accredited by the Cupboard at a gathering headed by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

Based on an official spokesperson, the Punjab Rural Improvement Act, 1987 shall be amended in keeping with the revised ideas laid down by the Division of Meals and Public Distribution, Ministry of Client Affairs, Authorities of India on February 24, 2020, mentioned PTI.

The transfer arose when the central authorities withheld the RDF, instructing the state authorities to make use of it just for rural infrastructure growth.

Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema, chatting with the media after the Cupboard assembly on Wednesday, accused the earlier Congress and Akali governments within the state of misusing the RDF, mentioned PTI.

“Be it Akali or Congress governments, they misused the RDF. After that, the Authorities of India stopped the discharge of RDF to the state,” Cheema mentioned.

“In the present day the Cupboard has determined to carry an ordinance on this regard,” mentioned Cheema whereas terming it a ‘large determination’ of the AAP-led authorities within the state.

He said that the funds raised by way of the RDF will solely be used for infrastructure linked to mandis in rural areas. Cheema expressed the hope that the Centre would switch Rs 1,100 crore in RDF to the state as soon as the legislation takes impact.

Based on PTI, Punjab costs a 3% RDF on the acquisition of meals grains. Punjab, particularly, had been using the RDF for functions apart from rural growth. The SAD-BJP regime used the RDF funds to fund the ‘Sangat Darshan’ programmes of then-chief minister Parkash Singh Badal, whereas Congress used it to fund its farm mortgage waiver scheme.

The RDF shall be used for quite a lot of tasks in rural areas, together with the development or restore of method roads to mandis and procurement centres, the institution of latest mandis or procurement centres, the availability of consuming water, and enhancing sanitation within the mandis, based on the spokesperson.

The funds will even be utilised to construct well-equipped relaxation homes or night time shelters, in addition to sheds for farmers and labourers concerned in procurement, mentioned PTI.

Equally, the RDF can be used to complement storage amenities in mandis to retailer shares, present reduction to debt-stressed farmers to eradicate the potential for misery gross sales, develop {hardware} or software program associated to procurement or land file linking, conduct crop surveys, and facilitate procurement actions, amongst different issues.

Based on the spokesperson, it is going to be utilised for automation and mechanisation of mandis with amenities for cleansing, sorting, drying, assessing grain high quality, small transport silo, bag sacking, and stitching, in addition to different features that will contribute to mandis strengthening, PTI mentioned.

In the meantime, the Cupboard has accredited the direct recruitment of 145 sub-divisional engineers, junior engineers, junior draftsperson, and steno typists within the water provide and sanitation division by way of the Punjab Public Service Fee and Subordinate Service Choice Board inside a yr.

The Cupboard additionally authorised a step to assist replace present Bharatnet infrastructure to attach all gram panchayats to the nationwide broadband community below the Centre’s Bharatnet scheme, based on the spokesperson, mentioned PTI.

It was in response to a previous memorandum of settlement signed in April 2013 between the Indian authorities’s division of telecommunications and the state authorities.

Based on the spokesperson, the state authorities is dedicated to creating e-governance, e-health, e-education, e-banking, web, and different companies extra accessible to rural areas by growing a extremely scalable community infrastructure that’s non-discriminatory, PTI mentioned.

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