Scalping Forex Strategy

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Scalping Forex StrategySuccessfully using such a strategy as scalping is not easy, but over time it can be mastered by everyone. Scalping is considered one of the most difficult trading strategies in the Forex currency market. There are a variety of methods and scalping of the Forex strategy , each trader has his own proven oscillators and indicators, his methods of forecasting and his own view of the situation in the foreign exchange market at a certain point in time. For the successful application of scalping, you need to have a quick reaction and the ability to instantly reorient and follow a changed trend. Once again I would like to note that each trader has his own methods of determining the most optimal entry point to the market, his preferences for choosing a currency pair. Also it is worth noting that not all dealing centers allow traders to use scalping. This is due to the fact that frequent entrances to the market and exits from it overload the server too much. And this leads to certain difficulties for other traders. But if you still decided to use this strategy from a broker who bans it, then be prepared for the consequences. The first time you receive a warning, and the second time the broker will simply block your trading account. Also, the use of scalping in trading with a small deposit entails great risks of losing a deposit in a short time. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that a trader using the scalp strategy of Forex be as cautious as possible in concluding transactions and not using a large leverage. Also, do not forget about the spread, which the trader pays to the broker when opening the position. The most common mistakes in novices are the use of a large leverage, and in addition the novice often forgets about the spread. For example, 10 open short-term positions, even with a minimal spread, will cost the trader considerably more than an open long-term position. And if you compare the probability of profit and trade risks with scalping, then a ratio of 1: 2 is obtained, which is better than any words about the riskiness of this trading strategy. There are many popular trading strategies, which are used in their work lovers of aggressive scalping.

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