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Mechanical auto buy sell signals on FOREX

FOREX is one of the most active markets of the world. As a market, it involves

speculation and exchange of all major currencies of different countries by market

players such as banks, governments, multinational companies as well as traders.

It is a highly liquid market with a turnover of more than $3 trillion everyday.

FOREX market is open 24 hours thus; it gives the traders an opportunity to trade

as and when possible and work after their office hours. This market is an ‘over

the counter’ market and doesn’t have a central place of trade like NSE.

As has been mentioned earlier, Forex trading is all about exchange of world

currencies with one another. The currencies are found in pairs such as

USD/EURO, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, etc. The first currency in a certain

Forex currency pair is the base currency and the second currency is the counter


Reasons for the popularity of FOREX market:

 An active and liquid market with daily trading volume of more than $3

trillion. Hence, it is easy for the traders and investors to enter and exit

positions easily.

 Traders have the opportunity of trading as and when they want because

the market is open at all times. So even if the trader is a working

professional with a 9 to 5 job, he can trade after office hours.

 There are few currencies that are traded on FOREX mostly. These are

also known as majors. This feature helps the trader to focus only on the

major currencies instead of researching hundred’s of securities.

 It is extremely convenient and hassle free. The traders only require a good

internet connection and a laptop to start trading on the market.

 The transaction or trading cost is low due to negligible to no commissions.

That being said, it is vital to remember that with reward comes risk. Every

security has an associated risk and the trader must keep that in mind before

trading on any market. Forex is such a market where one can make quick gains

but also lose money quickly. Traders therefore must have the pre-requisite

knowledge before starting to trade on FOREX.

FOREX as a market is speculative in nature. The profit you make depends on the

entry and exit positions you take while trading currencies. Some people follow

the system to the hilt but some are bound to get emotional while trading. This

human intervention during trading can lead to huge monetary losses and

decrease the confidence level of the traders. This is the reason why mechanical

auto buy sell signals are extremely popular and sought after. Mechanical auto

buy sell signals are automated signals which are triggered when the conditions

and rules on which the system works are met. When this happens, these system

rules automatically generate buy or sell signals which can be taken by the trader

and are fool proof if the market isn’t unusually volatile. These triggering rules are

based on logic and technical analysis indicators which do away with factors such

as ‘luck’ and ‘probability’.

On Forex, auto buy sell signals are provided by Expert Advisors (EA) or robots.

An Expert Advisor is a software specifically written for the MetaTrader (MT4)

trading platform. It facilitates decision making by advising the trader to trade

particular currencies and also has a feature of automatically executing trades on

the live market. These automatic trades can be generated according to the buy

sell signals based on the system rules that are imbedded in the trading platform

or can also be taken based on your own entry rules.

Advantages of using Expert Advisor (EA)

 Automated system for buy sell signals saves you the time you would

spend in front of your computer screen. It does away with extensive

supervision and gives the trader the freedom to do other things since the

automated system takes the trades itself based on its configuration.

 Enemies of trading such as emotions like fear and greed would be out of

the picture if you use a robot because it will only work according to the

instructions written in the software. This feature does away with human

intervention and thus, human error.

 Speed is of utmost importance. There are times when the market is so

volatile that you need to exit your position immediately and a delay of even

one second could make you lose a lot of money. This is taken care of by

Expert Advisor(EA)

 An Expert Advisor is a piece of software. Traders wanting to use their own

entry rules based on their preferred indicators in addition to the system

rules can do that by modifying the robot to their liking.

 An automated buy sell signal system such as an Expert Advisor helps

amateur traders enter the trading market with shallow knowledge and

buys them time to learn the tricks of the trade. Traders do not need to

have extensive knowledge about the Forex market, trading systems, and

entry and exit rules and so on. They can invest in a good automated

system and earn profits instead of letting their accounts gather dust.

In conclusion, automated buy sell signal software such as Expert Advisor (EA)

has more advantages than a manual software. The market is flooded with such

automated robots having amazing features at competitive prices. Every trader

has different expectations from his trading system. Some traders might like

hands on trading by manually entering and exiting trades because of the

knowledge they possess about the Forex market whereas some might not be so

seasoned and would require automated buy sell signals for the convenience and

guarantee of taking successful trades. Thus, the traders must keep all these

things in mind and search for the best automated buy sell signal systems in the


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