 The Board of Directors of Biocon Ltd. at its meeting held on April 25, 2019 had recommended a pre-bonus final dividend of Re. 1/- per equity share of face value of Rs. 5/- each, for the approval of the members at the ensuing AGM. Pursuant to the approval of […]


ONLINE TRADE SHARES Online stock trading has become so popular that most traders prefer this type of bidding. Trading stocks online is a very simple and effective way to manage your capital. In contrast to classical trading, the process of trading is much faster and more comfortable. I also want to note that with […]

5 tricks of trading on a trend

5 tricks of trading on a trend The author of the article asserts that “for half an hour he will teach you to identify the trend”, as well as the method of making a profit when working with trends. Determination of the trend. A trend is the general, dominant direction […]

Own forex trading strategy: Guarantee of success

  Own forex trading strategy: Guarantee of success       At the heart of doing business, through the stable and profitable activity of a trader in forex there is a regularity to make rationally judged decisions and thoroughly predict the development of the trading situation. It is necessary to understand […]

Trading tactics in currency trading

Trading tactics in currency trading       For the first time having familiarized themselves with currency trading, beginning traders often immediately begin to conquer trading peaks. Moreover, this process is chaotic and, as a rule, not for long. Already on the next deals, the first joy changes with a bitter disappointment […]

Forex trading strategies

Forex trading strategies The only goal that unites all traders of the Forex currency market is to extract the maximum profit. You can have a stable profit from transactions in the foreign exchange market, but for this you need to use Forex trading strategies . There are several ways to get strategies.   The […]