Strategy builder

      • A unique feature that helps you in Back-Testing a System / Strategy is possible on the historical data available
    • Has various conditions and signals that can be used on 110 indicators to build complex queries
        • Fine tune your indicator’s parameters to find the best combination and derive maximum profit
        • See your strategies perform in real time situation
        • You can test your strategies on various time frames. You can change the period directly to change all your conditions from Daily to Weekly. This will change your strategy from Daily to Weekly easily without having to create the Signals and Conditions all over again

Features of Derivatives

          • Derivative summary report :
            1. You can bifurcate todays active contracts also .
          • Open interest Watch for Derivative:
            1. It can be used to make the Option Strategies

Automatic Candlestick Pattern Scanner

  • Lets you search stocks that are matching your desired candlesticks pattern
  1. Top 20 traded scrips
  2. Best Performing scrips
  3. Worst Performing scrips


Charting Tools

      • Advanced Trend Lines and Charting tools availabl
      • Scan any desired scrip according the built queries
          • Freeze any signal on a bar
        • List Of Line Tools Available:

          a. Trend Line

          b. Horizontal Line

          c. Vertical Line

          d. Retracement

          e. Channel

          f. Fibonacci Cycle

          g. Price Extension

          h. Long 3 bar

          i. Short 3 bar

          j. Rectangle

Market Eye

          • You can select the events that you feel important and automatically keep tracking it live during the market

Price Alert

            • You can automatically receive a warning signal when the stocks price reaches your stop-loss or target levels during the live market.
            • You can specify price alerts for any number of Scrips

Advanced Delivery Scanner

              • Statistical queries
              • Combined queries
              • Rise & Fall queries
              • Top & Bottom queries

Inter Period Queries

              • To scan and identify the opportunities where bullish and bearish signals appear across different time frames that empowers the user to take informed buy/sell decisions

It is a technical analysis tool that provides real time market data. It has over 240 built-in studies and indicators with charting tools, in addition to that it has excellent live market scanners and back testing features which helps you build complex strategies and refine them within seconds.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Strategy Builder

Market Eye


Option Strategy Builder

Feature of Derivatives

Spread Watch

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Technical analysis tool that provides live stock market data which allows you to create basic to complex studies within seconds using our built in strategy builder tool. Moreover, features like real time stock scanners, back testing, optimization allows you to refine you studies further. Advance charting tools to analyze the market, live market watch to see best and worst performers and more

CHANNEL PARTNER/ RESELLER  WITH 1MarketView BY CDP India Pvt. Ltd- [Authorized NSE data vendor], providing real time stock market data along with numerous technical analysis and data analysis tool to cater to all types of traders and investors. There are numerous reasons for you to choose any  solution as its vital investment toolbox:

    • Pure REAL TIME Tick By Tick Data 
    • Setup as simple as a plug-n-play
    • First class support to help our customers achieve the fullest out of our solutions
    • You can opt for a FREE TRIAL before you experience the impact of TOOLS 
    • Technical analysis tool as well as data analysis tool for all your trading needs
    • Real time Live NSE data for Amibroker for Futures & Options and Cash Equity.

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What You’ll Get...


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NSE Cash Equity or Futures & Options

1 User Machine 

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  Yearly                      INR  36,000/=

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Both (NSE Cash Equity and NSE F&O)

1 User Machine 

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Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Strategy Builder

  • Market Eye

  • Scanners

    Feature of Derivatives

    Spread Watch

    Option Strategy Builder

All these TOOLS

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