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7 universal tips for the smart trader

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Self-control and adaptation in trading


Self-control and adaptation in trading

Self-control and adaptation in trading Novice traders who come to Alexander Gerchik’s seminars are asked to show them the correct entry point, to teach them […]

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Day Trading – The Art of Trading

Day Trading – The Art of Trading   One of the most important rules of Day Trading is: You must ALWAYS enter a “Stop Loss” order immediately after opening any new […]

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How Traders Benefit Using Robotic TradingSystems: Automated Stock Trading

How Traders Benefit Using Robotic TradingSystems: Automated Stock Trading The stock market has evolved so much over the pass years that now traders and investors […]

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How to Win Money in the Stock Market

Ensuring that you win in the stock market does not require you to be a superstar stock picker or even a really good one, rather […]

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How to Generate a Decent Profit Doing Intra-day Trading Online in NSE and M...

As you must know, the NSE stands for the National Stock Exchange of India and it is Indian’s largest financial market and since its establishment […]

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Secrets of Forex trading

Uncategorized July 16, 2018

Secrets of Forex trading



As in any case, in the interbank foreign exchange market, most traders try to learn from trade professionals the secrets of successful forex trading in order to join the caste of successful people. What does it consist of?


  • Experienced Russian trader Alexander Gerchiktells at his training seminars that the amount of profit on Forex depends on the time of execution of the transaction. That is, the shorter the trading time, the less the trader can earn. Therefore, if a trader is engaged in short-term trading, he immediately limits himself to the potential for growth of his capital. The level of possible loss can be set even at the conclusion of the transaction, so that the position is closed automatically when the loss reaches a specified value.


  • Also, professional traders, telling their secrets of trading in the forex market, talk about the importance of choosing the right currency pair and working with it correctly.


  • Of course, in trading it is important to be able to combine excitement, the ability to take risks and sober calculation. Traders, trading for more than one year, include in the secrets of trading in the forex market is the ability to manage risks. For example, if you do not exceed the barrier of 1% riskin trade transactions , then it is quite possible to work without interruption. In this case, you can try different options for trading and not be afraid to take risks.


  • Important for working on forex is the knowledge of the fundamentals of probability theory, the laws of the functioning of the forex market and in general economic theory.


Of course, no matter how much a novice player is not copied his notes on other people’s secrets Trade forex and profit it can bring only the daily practical experience and personal knowledge. After all, there are no rules on forex. Well, of course, luck will not hurt.


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Trading in the securities market

Uncategorized July 16, 2018

Trading in the securities market

Trading in securities

If you want to earn on trading in securities, then you need to get access to the stock market. For this you need:

  • Identify with the market of trade.
  • You take the instrument of trade.
  • Choose a broker.
  • Conclude an agreement with a brokerage office.
  • Open a deposit.
  • Establish a trading platform in order to trade in the securities market.

Previously, all the trade was carried out by voice and from the sheet. With the advent of the Internet, e-trading in securities has developed.


Electronic trading in securities

Electronic trading on the securities market greatly simplifies the bidding process for all participants. The attractiveness of this trade is that:

  1. You can trade on the market in 24/7 mode.
  2. You quickly get real-time information about trading in securities and can be a couple of steps ahead.
  3. Your orders are checked according to the limits in automatic mode.
  4. You get protection of your data.
  5. You can quickly find other market participants.

There is also a “fly in the ointment” in this trade:

  1. You can become a victim of offers from market scammers.
  2. You are not immune from technical failures in trade.
  3. The system needs to be regularly updated, pay fees for additional brokerage services.
  4. A high percentage for brokerage services can significantly reduce your income.

Features of trading in securities:

  • Trade can be carried out in real time 24/7.
  • Participants can be either a given or an unlimited number.
  • A large number of instruments of trade.
  • Availability of special equipment – trading platforms.
  • Trade is carried out according to the laws of the securities market.
  • High speed of trade.


Knowing the basic features and laws of trading in securities, you can steadily “skim the cream” from the auction and be always in the black.




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Trading on the stock exchange is easy!”

Uncategorized October 21, 2017

We bring to your attention a selection of articles “

Do you have any idea what a stock is? And the bond? How does the exchange trade differ from a bank deposit? How is it profitable to buy and sell securities with profit? How successful is the game on the exchange through the Internet? Can you tell the difference between a discount and a coupon bond? How to make money on the exchange, only carefully reading the exchange news? Do you know how the most well-known financiers were able to reach the heights of success? Is it possible to independently calculate stock indexes? 
How easy is it to calculate taxes?

Do not rush to answer! Many beginning traders believe that they know how to play on the stock exchange without any preparation. But after a while excessive self-confidence leads to the first setbacks. The trader believes that in his failures, the company that issued shares, a stock exchange or a broker is to blame. In fact, he lacks basic, basic knowledge of the market.

Is it possible to subdue stock exchanges without knowing what is a gap, what is the margin, or how does the stock exchange function? Agree – this is rather unlikely. Therefore, it is so important to get the necessary knowledge before active trading begins. Read a small selection of articles that tell you about the most basic concepts of trading, and you will understand how the market works and how you can make money on it.

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Buy sell Signal software for Indian stock market

Uncategorized October 4, 2017


Buy sell Signal software for Indian stock market

Trading is what that can make you take enough profit as per your expectations and sometimes more than your expectations. It is all about your particular trading strategies and planning that let you grasp your dreams of becoming a successful and experienced trader within short span of time. Every trader wants to become professional and successful enough to receive desirable profits in every day trading. Well, if you also want to become e such a trader you just to maintain a regular organization and practice of your work. The best and most useful way to get your trading goals fulfilled, is to make use of some authenticated and trusted software program that is developed to meet specific trading requirements and allows you to let your trading flourish within no time.

Trading in specific region requires to know about considerate past financial records and trading worth in that country. For instance, if you want to trade in India that is now considered a prominent country for trading, you need to know the deep aspects of Indian trading market as well as you need to make use of some reliable and well known trading software in order to ensure your trading profits. Using buy sell signal software for Indian stocks or buy sell signal software for mcx lets you get quicker view of Indian financial marker. It further lets you make use of available different varieties of features such as, charts of numerous types so you may choose form them that suit you the best and that lets you understand the variation in market easily. Such buy sell signal software for mcx free and buy sell signal software for Indian stock market must be practiced using demo account that allows broadening your trading concepts as well as sharpening your trading expertise with given free of cost bonus. You can even get buy sell signal software for mcx free download from internet.


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Candle Pattern Software

Candle Pattern Software July 6, 2017

The complete professional tools for the trader to identify the best and strong pattern , while trading.

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