How to chose signal provider in the AutoTrade System

The basic principle of technical analysis is that prices move in trends. We also know that trends do not exist forever. Ultimately, prices change direction, and, as a rule, this happens in stages. For example, the price can slow down its movement, stop at one level and only then turn around. These phases arise at a time when investors are creating new expectations and thereby shifting the supply / demand line.

Brief Dictionary Of Terms And Definitions in STOCK MARKETS

AMERICAN DEPOSITORY SESSION (ADR) – A special negotiable certificate issued by a US depositary bank that certifies the ownership of a certain number of shares issued in a foreign country and quoted on the US stock exchange. The American Depository Receipt is a receipt certifying the ownership of the shares of a foreign resident company acquired in the process of their placement in the United States.

How to chose Stock Charts Time Frame ?

Why do we need to choose a timeframe? Many newcomers do not attach importance to this. And in vain! After all, for each style of trading is different timeframe. The constant change of timeframe is similar to the constant change of a class of cars in races – you will go to many, but you can not reach the finish line.

Risk Management for Beginners Traders

Is it possible to conquer Everest in a business suit (or in home practice) without special equipment and training? Maybe, but the chances of staying alive are negligible. And to conquer the tops of the financial market without taking risks, without experience, only on one desire to earn? It is also unlikely, but somehow everyone believes this. Risk is noble, but not here and not with your deposit.

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